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 4th edition you say???????????????

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4th edition you say??????????????? Empty
PostSubject: 4th edition you say???????????????   4th edition you say??????????????? EmptySun Mar 28, 2010 8:51 pm

4th edition you say??????????????? Shittinme
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4th edition you say??????????????? Empty
PostSubject: 4th Edition, over 40 products and rollin'   4th edition you say??????????????? EmptyMon Mar 29, 2010 7:13 am

One of the things that bothers me the most about companies like WotC is the fact their games come over as just 'product' now.

Whilst I am sure some of the design team are truly behind D&D 4e as a game, I have no doubt in my mind that as a whole it is regarded as a saleable entity with little or no regard as any other product produved by any other corporate entity.

Why do I think thats such a bad thing? Because D&D 4e i fairly soulless IMHO - now I know 4e has its detractors and its admirers and I really REALLY don't care if I start a flame war - but when alls said and done, there really is something not quite right with (not) D&D 4th Edition.

I truly believe any Role Playing is a good thing, its a healthy hobby with benefits way beyond those of just playing a game - Stress Relief, the Social Aspect, encourages Literacy and Numeracy etc . . . .

But in the short time since its release they have released over 40 products (including a Starter Set and the 4th Edition Core Rulebook Gift Set) and whilst not all are important for play, they are promoted in such a way certain gamers will either think they need them all or simply want them all.

4th Edition is brilliantly laid out, the Artwork is evocative and eye catching - I'm not even going to debate rules here; as rules are like food - not everyone likes the same thing. But its so slick, its soulless and just lacks any kind of passion of joy (for me at least, and I started buying the range).

I am aware companies need to make money to survive, but to make it at the expense of a Game known and loved by millions of fans seems wrong to me.

People might think I'm maybe forgetting the pace of releases for 3rd edition, and even for the latter half of 2nd edition - claiming that its not faster. BUT if its worked out, especially compared to AD&D 1st Ed - thats a RIDICULOUS pace of releases. In fact over 40 releases in a couple of years is out pacing even 3.5 (not) DnD.

As I pointed out on my Blog - I've owned and run every Edition of D&D since the White Box, those who like 4e (or 3rd or 3.5 for that matter) Edition, have to realize they might be playing a Fantasy RPG with some elements of D&D/AD&D – but they AREN’T Playing D&D/AD&D – its a derivative. I don't include 2nd in the "derivative" catagory because it so similar in concept and execution to 1st Edition.

D&D/AD&D was written/created by Dave Arneson & Gary Gygax. Anything else (even products that might hold the license) created/produced not under the direct control of those two very missed individuals is NOT D&D/AD&D.

Its like reading a Discworld story not written by Terry Pratchett, it might be ABOUT Discworld – possibly even legally and professionally produced. But its NOT from the mind of Terry Pratchett, so it can never be truly a Discworld Story.

You can argue as much as you want, its NOT D&D - it can't be - merely a copy. Not even a clone like the retro-clones are, a substandard copy.

Original D&D/AD&D had it right, unfortunately most people either can’t see it or are too stubborn to admit it.

The secret we should never let the DM's know is that they don't need any rules - Gary Gygax
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4th edition you say???????????????
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