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 Sorry I've Been Away

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Arch Mage (Admin)

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Sorry I've Been Away Empty
PostSubject: Sorry I've Been Away   Sorry I've Been Away EmptyThu Nov 11, 2010 8:26 am

Sorry I havent been active on here for a while, I have had a LOT of personal shit to deal with in my life.

Things are beginning to get better and more settled now, as is my health - so HOPEFULLY so my ideas and rants will start flowing again.

I will be updating my Blog and Facebook page more regularly, and am actually "optimistic" about my gaming (and real-life) future.

Myths & Monsters FB Page

Myths & Monsters Blog

The secret we should never let the DM's know is that they don't need any rules - Gary Gygax
It's History that's caused all the troubles in the past - Michael Moorcock
Enjoy a world where the fantastic is fact and magic really works! - Gary Gygax
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Sorry I've Been Away
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